New Products

New Products

New Cabinets for Organization

Reflections Series

This year's launch offers both new and improved cabinet organization options for you to choose from, because we know that an organized life is a better life indeed.


Vanity CabMat™

Protection against leaks and spills now available for 21" deep vanities and 24" deep base cabinets as a modification, eliminating the need to size the face frame opening.





Wall Vanity Mirror Cabinet with Cut for Glass Doors and Installed Mirror

You're right. It shouldn't be too much to ask that your vanity mirror cabinet matches the rest of your design, eliminating the need to modify the depth and door options. Now it's standard.





6" Wide, Full Height Base Single Door Cabinet

You'll be amazed at the versatility an extra half-foot of usable space buys you. After all, one can never have too many cookie sheets or shopping bags within easy reach.





Two Drawer Base Cabinet – 42" and 48" Wide

Standard heavy-duty, undermount guides support 10” tall drawers so you can store in bulk and search with ease. And so perfect for creating a streamlined look in contemporary designs.




3ScoopedDrwrMWiBkSTwo Drawer Base Cabinet with Scooped Drawer

Now our popular Two Drawer Base Cabinet to be used with a cooktop while keeping the 10" high drawer on the bottom. Imagine the options.





3PantryTopRollTraysMWiBkSretPantry Top Unit with Deep Roll Trays

Customers already love the flexibility and storage provided by our Pantry Top Unit – now available in additional sizes and with the option to specify Deep Roll Trays that accommodate taller storage requirements.




3BsPulloutVertMWiSBase Utensil Pantry Pull-Out Cabinet

Get more out of minimal space with this innovative cabinet storage solution, featuring dual open stainless steel canisters in 9" and 12" widths.





3MicroCabMWiBkATall Built-in Microwave Cabinet

Every cabinet has room for improvement. To eliminate seams and reduce installation time and cost, we eliminated stacking plus added face-mount hinges on the door and a full-width drawer front.




3MicroCabOpenMBkSWall Refrigerator Double Door Cabinet

In closing the gap in the standard 24" deep offering, our new 27" wide gives you all the widths options you need.






Chrome Spice Rack

Whether you were talking in the kitchen or the craft sewing room, white wire simply wasn't cutting it. Now offered with a chrome finish, it plays well with other kitchen fixtures and finishes.




3ToekickDrwrInUseMWiS2Toe Kick Drawer with Push to Open Feature

How to make our Toe Kick Drawer even better? With new, push to open features, no required hardware means it's that much easier to achieve a cleaner look.