New Products

New Products

New and Expanded Finish and Artisan Glazes

Reflections Series

With the addition 12 new artisan glazes and expanded finish offering, creating a style that reflects exactly who you are, just got that much easier.


9 New Maple Artisan Glazes

We're glad to offer you more flexibility with our Maple Artisan Glazes of Amaretto Crème, Toasted Almond and Grey Stone. Each of these glazes is now available on these colors: Coconut, Cloud, Dover and Pearl. (Previously, Amaretto Crème, Toasted Almond and Grey Stone Artisan Glazing were only available on Coconut.)






Artisan Glazes now Available on Oak

Oak's durability and distinctive grain have made it a design classic through the years. More and more signs are pointing to the trend that Oak is on the comeback. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we're expanding some of our most popular glazes to increase your options for creating an ever-popular rustic look. Tells you where we think the smart money is going.






Storm on Cherry

How do we continue to make big splashes with our new finishes? Because we've made a habit of listening to our customers and learning. And from everything you've told us, our stone grey, semi-translucent stain — previously available only on Maple — has taken imaginations by, well, you know. Plus, with popular tastes continuing to align with the natural richness of Cherry, it only made sense to add Storm to your creative consideration set.



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