New Products

New Products


Reflections: 5 New Finishes
Prelude: 2 New Finishes

Some say nature is the best inspiration for color. We were inspired by these hues when creating our new finishes. From simplistic neutrals to bold colors, let nature be your guide.


New Finish: Seal

A semi-translucent neutral gray stain, Seal has the ability to take your breath away while enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. Stunning on its own, Seal also coordinates well with other brown-toned stains and paints.

• Reflections Series
• Semi-Translucent Gray Stain
• Pairs well with Brown-toned stains and paints
• Available on All Wood Types: Maple, Cherry, Oak, Hickory, Alder and Rustic Alder 


New Color: Egret

The search is over. Egret is the perfect neutral you have been looking for in a quietly confident, cool gray shade. As light cabinet colors continue to grow to be all the rage, Egret will maintain your space as both trendy and inviting.

• Reflections and Prelude Series
• Cool Gray, Off-White Paint
• Available with Amaretto Crème, Grey Stone, and Toasted Almond Artisan Glazes
• Prelude available as TrueColor 


New Color: Maritime

"Blue is the new Black." Not only is this statement evident in the fashion industry, but it is also taking flight in cabinet finishes. Make a bold impression with Maritime, a dark navy tone. As striking as it is, Maritime can stand its own ground. However, it is also eye-catching when used as an accent in any space throughout the home.

• Reflections and Prelude Series
• Dark Navy Finish, Useful as a Stand-Alone Finish or as an Accent
• Available with Amaretto Crème, Grey Stone and Toasted Almond Artisan Glazes, Prelude available as TrueColor

Thatch now available on Alder & Rustic Alder

Reflections Series:  Dark, rich cabinets are all the craze, ever-growing in popularity. To satisfy your desires for an on-trend and on-budget kitchen, we have expanded Thatch to Alder and Rustic Alder. Thatch will transition your kitchen to a bold and truly stunning gathering space, and when paired with Alder or Rustic Alder, Thatch is sure to leave friends and family awestruck.

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