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Design Your Room


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Hanson TrueColor Cloud

“As a custom builder, my home is my calling card, so it needs to look great and stay that way. My family and I LIVE in our home…kids, pets and all. We love how easily Diamond™ TrueColor™ cleans up, and how it resists dents. I trust Diamond. That’s why we put it in every home we build.”

- Oleg Shermet, Custom Home Builder, Wasilla, AK


Karsen TrueColor Coconut

Claire needed a beautiful kitchen able to withstand her family’s busy life. The resilient Prelude TrueColor finish was a perfect solution, and left enough money in her budget to afford the extras she wanted.

“I did my research and found kitchens I loved. My designer Rita was super helpful and created just the look I wanted. Now, my entire home feels more suited to how we live.”

- Claire Paxton, Prelude TrueColor Customer, Chicago, IL

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