New Products

New Products


Intrigue: 6 New Finishes
Reflections: 3 New Finishes
Prelude: 1 New Finish

Some say nature is the best inspiration for color. We were inspired by these hues when creating our new finishes. From simplistic neutrals to bold colors, let nature be your guide.


Intrigue: Icy Avalanche Nightfall

Keep things cool with Icy Avalanche Nightfall, a brand new specialty finish. A hand-brushed application of a translucent, black-toned finish over a base color of Icy Avalanche paint adds a delicately weathered effect. Since application results are slightly varied per project, you’re guaranteed a one-of-a-kind finish that falls perfectly into place.


Intrigue: Interesting Aqua

Interesting Aqua is a new, warm blue paint color that adds a charming and cheerful hue to your home. It is available with or without Detail Glazes. 


Intrigue: North Star

North Star is a soft, frosty hue of blue that won’t steer you in the wrong direction and is available with or without Detail Glazes.


Intrigue: Morel

Morel is a mid-tone brown stain that is now a reoccurring staple in our Diamond series. Morel offers a stately impact that is sure to satisfy the most discriminating in taste.  Morel is also available in Reflections and Prelude.


Intrigue: Brindle

Step up your design game with new specialty finish, Brindle.  Brindle, a pale gray wash over a choice of finishes, will beautifully enhance the grain detail of any Quartersawn Oak door.  Brindle is available on Buckskin, Seal and Morel finishes, and features a matte sheen.


Intrigue: Roan

Roan, a striking new specialty finish, features a black wash over your choice of Buckskin, Seal or Morel finishes.  The dark hue, along with a unique matte sheen, handsomely accentuates the wood grain of Quartersawn Oak to provide a look that is right in line with today’s design trends. 


Reflections: Grizzly

Out of the forest and into your home, new Grizzly specialty stain is an earthy brown tone with deep-rooted and rich color. Grizzly is for those willing to make a dramatic statement.


Reflections: Kodiak

New Kodiak is a semi-translucent dark tone specialty stain with varied glimpses of grain that spreads warmth beautifully through an otherwise cool finish.  


Reflections: Antler TrueColor™

Antler is a new introduction to Galiano’s family of vertical grain color options. This cool-tone gray woodgrain look collaborates fluently with both contemporary and rustic designs.


Prelude: Limestone TrueColor™

Rely on fresh new Limestone TrueColor for an always clean and classic look that you’ll fall in love with. This whimsically white hue pairs well with nearly every finish in the Prelude palette.