New Products

New Products

Room Organization

Keeping a home in order can be an uphill battle. To help the cause, Diamond is taking organization to new and improved heights with a collection of organization solutions where convenience meets cool for undeniably thoughtful and new age design.  Now every room in your home is in peak condition.


Intrigue: Push-to-Open Toekick Drawer Now Standard

The convenience of Push-to-Open now comes standard  in Intrigue for the Toekick Drawer.  No additional charge, and no hardware required.


Intrigue: Base Rotating Deep Bin

The Lazy Susan takes on new heights with the new Base Rotating Deep Bin Cabinet. Hinged bi-fold doors reveal two 6" high rotating bins designed to hold a range of kitchen gear without risk of items tipping or falling out.


Intrigue: 6" Wide Base Full Height

Now you can vertically store an assortment of items, from shopping bags to cookie sheets, with less mess in this space-saving cabinet. 


Intrigue: Tall Utility Cabinet with Three or Four Drawers

The addition of drawers to the hard-working Utility Cabinet provide the flexibility and functionality to meet a variety of storage needs.  The impressive storage capacity comes complete with eye-appealing construction to provide a furniture look.


Intrigue: Tall Pantry Pull Out

The Tall Pantry Pull-Out holds a ton and performs as the ultimate space-saver. Sleek and slim this pull-out is 9" in width and is available in several heights. 


Reflections: Base Bin Tray Pull Out with Pet Feeding Drawer

Man’s best friend deserves the home’s coolest cubby. This convenient cabinet featuring a discreet food storage container comes in four pre-configured options and features three trays along with a small bin to secure additional pet supplies or household items.  An optional, lined toekick drawer is great for feeding and keeping food dishes out of sight when not in use.


Reflections: Wall Refrigerator Pull-Out

So long to unsuccessful reaches to the top of the refrigerator. This unit takes you to a new level of convenience with its smooth-gliding hardware, allowing you to get a hand on contents situated up above. Keeping customization in mind, the pull-out comes in a variety of cabinet sizes and configurations to fit in any smart kitchen.


Reflections: Food Storage Container Organizer

Make lost lids a thing of the past with the Food Storage Container Organizer. With handy slots to keep everything visible and within easy reach, your containers will never be without their lids – a perfect match to your kitchen. Available in 18" and 24" widths.


Reflections: Base Easy Reach with Adjustable Shelves

A clever and crafty crisscross shelf placement accommodates taller items without compromising the space of your corner cabinet.   Shelves are adjustable to suit a variety of needs.


Reflections: Utensil Pantry Pull Out with Knife Block

Hide away sharp objects and odd-shaped knives and utensils with the Utensil Pantry Pull-Out with Knife Block. Flexible rods in the knife block adjust to your knives for a firm fit in any kitchen. Additionally, the top shelf is reversible, while the block and stainless steel containers are both removable for easy cleaning.  


Reflections: Base Cabinet with Mixer Lift Offering SmartStop™ Feature

You’ll barely have to lift a finger before taking your mixer for a spin. The Base Cabinet with Mixer Lift offers SmartStop for smooth sailing set-up whether you’re retrieving or stowing away this kitchen favorite. 


Reflections: Tray Divider as an Accessory

Keep larger trays stored away and safe from scratches, yet easily available when you need them, with our tray divider.


Reflections: Base Container Organization Pantry Pull Out

Keep your favorite nonperishables organized and accessible with the Base Container Organization Pantry Pull-Out. Includes seven lidded, BPA free, OXO Good Grips® POP Containers in three sizes: (3) 1.7 quart, (1) 2.6 quart, and (3) 4.3 quart.


Reflections: Base Wastebasket Expansion

Consolidate trash or recycling with this ever-so thoughtful wastebasket expansion. Twin 27-quart baskets are now available in 15" wide configurations that are perfectly spacious so your kitchen continues to sparkle. 


Reflections: Vanity Grooming Pull-Out

This storage solution is surprisingly petite and totally practical. At just 12" you won’t believe how much it can hold, helping keep your bathroom looking tidy and neat.