New Products

New Products


When it comes to adding those final, finishing touches to your room, no one comes close to Diamond. This year, new hardware across all three series, along with innovative installed lighting keep your choices simple but exciting.


Intrigue/Reflections/Prelude: New Hardware Selection

Diamond is excited to introduce a new hardware grouping specially designed to provide attractive solutions across all three special order series, Intrigue, Reflections and Prelude. With a variety of colors, styles and prices within one well thought out collection, there is something fitting for every kitchen or bath design, from contemporary to traditional. 



Intrigue: Installed Cabinet Lighting

All the beauty and functionality of customized lighting without the hassle!  Intrigue’s updating lighting solutions are integrated during the manufacturing process for built-in convenience during cabinet installation. All lighting components and bridges are hidden from view on top of cabinets for a refined lighting experience.