New Products

New Products

Materials Expansions

Additional choices in materials that create the foundation for a door style choice add flexibility and value to Diamond’s already expansive selection, ensuring the right style for every need.


Reflections: Paint on MDF

Four of Diamond’s most popular door styles are now available in MDF in addition to their current material offering; Culver, Gresham, Heyword, and Jamestown.  The stability of MDF makes it a great alternative when environmental factors heighten the risk of warping, visible joint lines or hairline cracks in painted wood cabinetry. 


Prelude: Thorpe in Painted, Maple and Cherry

A slab door style is perfect for those favoring contemporary design. To ensure you have the flexibility you need, Diamond is now pleased to offer Thorpe in Painted, as well as Maple and Cherry stained finishes/colors.