New Products

New Products

Room Organization

It’s common knowledge that bringing order to your daily life and routines can improve your efficiency and remove stress in the process. Count on Diamond for new products paired with innovations designed to help you organize and streamline to your heart’s content. 


Intrigue: Wood Tiered Cutlery Divider with Knife Block

With today’s trend of preparing meals at home, it’s easy to collect more kitchen tools and gadgets than ever before. A tiered organizer keeps knifes and multitude of items out of sight but close at hand. Wood construction makes it both attractive and sturdy. 


Intrigue: Food Container Storage Organizer

End the constant frustration of trying to match storage containers with the right lids once and for all with the ingenious solution that keeps all components neatly separated and in place until you need them.  


Intrigue: Wall Refrigerator Pull-Out

No more wasted space! This pull-out features heavy-duty, smooth gliding hardware, making it safer and easier to access the contents of the cabinet above the refrigerator. A space that is commonly underutilized becomes a great place to store items out of the way but still within reach. 


Reflections: Biometric Secured Drawer Modification

Diamond’s modification upgrades a standard drawer with an installed, self-locking mechanism featuring advanced sensor biometric technology. This industry-leading innovation deters thieves or curious hands from accessing valuables and articles needing to be secured.   


Reflections: EZ-Org Modular Pull-Out Racks

A Diamond exclusive in the Lowe’s showroom, this modular solution is an organizational workhorse, corralling contents on racks that pull out individually on full-extension guides for full visibility and accessibility to each item.


Reflections: Base Corner with Curved Pull-Out

The pull-out in Diamond’s improved design now features Smart Stop technology, with two shelves that pull straight out to allow installation next to a wall or appliance without interference.


Reflections: Blind Corner Sink Base

Every kitchen layout is different, and, when space is at a premium or a second sink is desired, this blind corner cabinet might be your ticket. It provides the maximum in corner efficiency with a considerably larger opening than a traditional blind corner cabinet. 


Prelude: 6” Wide Base Full Height

You might be amazed at the versatility an extra half-foot of usable space buys you. Diamond’s 6”wide cabinet is perfect for cookie sheets, shopping bags for reuse and more. 


Prelude: Base Utensil Pantry Pull-Out

Maximize your storage space for utensils and other small kitchen tools with Diamond’s innovative storage solution featuring three open, stainless-steel canisters for upright storage.   Available in 9” and 12” widths.  


Prelude: Pantry Pull-out With Knife Block

Keep knifes and other sharp objects hidden away with this very handy pull-out featuring a knife block, along with an open utensil canister and lower shelf for convenient storage of additional kitchenware. The top shelf is reversible for versatility, while the knife block and stainless-steel container are removable for easy cleaning.