Appliance Cabinets

Design Level

  1. Advanced
    Our most premium design level for special order
  2. Intermediate
    Our middle-of-the-road design level for special order
  3. Standard
    Our entry design level for special order
  4. Express
    Our entry design level for special order
  5. NOW
    In-stock cabinetry for purchase in store or online


Select a design level to begin.

Advanced Design Level

With the widest palette of HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams paints available, and meticulously manicured doors serving as canvas, the Advanced design level makes it easy to achieve color harmony throughout your home.

Intermediate Design Level

You want your kitchen to be stylish and innovative in equal measure. The Intermediate design level offers a wide variety of trend perfect finishes balanced by intelligent organization to keep life running smoothly.

Standard Design Level

Whether purchasing your first home or starting a new chapter in life, color your beginning beautifully with reasonably priced, stylish cabinetry from the Standard design level.

Diamond NOW

With this complete line of fully assembled, stylish cabinetry at your fingertips, there is no reason to wait. Diamond NOW has the cabinetry solution you need to create a room you will love, available to take home today in store or online.