Install Your Cabinets

Install Your Cabinets

How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

Learn the ins and outs of cabinet install

With clear instruction, you can have your new cabinets installed in no time! All it takes is the proper tools, confidence and a willingness to try.


Installation Videos

Diamond has several cabinet installation videos to help you learn how to install your cabinets.


Installation PDF Downloads

Installing your cabinets doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We’ve compiled a variety of documents to walk you through how to install your cabinets.

Installation Instructions


Mark Reference Lines

Mark a reference line 35-in up from the floor for base cabinets, 54-in for bottom-of-wall cabinets & 84-in for top-of-wall cabinets. Next, use your stud finder to mark all wall studs. Then, remove doors from cabinets.


Start with Wall Cabinets

Start by installing your diagonal corner cabinet. First measure out from the corner of the room to the first wall stud marked in either direction. Transfer these two measurements to the inside of the corner cabinet. If you don't have a corner wall cabinet in your design, start with the left-most wall cabinet. Holding the cabinet in position, drill through the cabinet back into the center of the studs. Use #10 installation screws & do not tighten at this time.


Screw Cabinet Frames Together

Follow step 2 to install the next cabinet. Then, using grip clamps, align & join the diagonal corner cabinet with the next wall cabinet firmly. Line up the two cabinets' bottom edges. Drill starter holes through the face frames near the top & bottom. Insert & tighten the #8 screws.


Level, Shim & Tighten Screws

Check the front, sides & bottoms of each cabinet with a level. Adjust cabinet & use shims as necessary. Once the cabinet is level & vertically straight, tighten the #10 installation screws & remove clamps. Install the rest of your wall cabinets.


Proceed to Base Cabinets

Start with the Corner Lazy Susan Cabinet. Measure out from the corner of the room 36-1/4-in left & right & mark. Apply 1-in x 2-in wood strips on both walls at the 35-in reference line. Place the corner cabinet & the adjoining cabinets to either side into position. Follow steps 2 - 4 to install base cabinets.


Make Final Adjustments

Re-attach all doors to cabinets. Hinges can easily adjust up & down by loosening the hinge screw attached to the door frame. Adjust drawers by moving the drawer guides manually side to side. Install toekick & moulding with finish nails. For details on how to flip door hinging, view the installation video.

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