Design Your Room

Design Your Room

Intrigue Finishing Techniques

Give your cabinet character

Your space should be authentic - a visual representation of your personality.  Intrigue's combination of craftsmanship and finish techniques come together to create a look all your own.  Each cabinet in a special order like this is distressed by a single craftsman, so you can enjoy the authenticity of true artisanship for years to come.  

Ask your Lowe's kitchen specialist to order a sample door and drawer front to see these techniques first hand prior to placing a cabinet order.



Gently highlights the distinctive details of each cabinet; this technique creates a subtle, aged look with the softness of natural wear. The finish is lightly sanded through in places to create the effect. 


Extra Hewn

Aggressively burnished sand through technique applied to corners and raised profiles, exposing the underlying wood species. As with normal aging, the worn edges will vary within individual doors and throughout the entire room. 



A lightly distressed technique, featuring random worm holes, tiny dents and light signs of wear; the technique creates a look of unique and appealing imperfections, similar to those in time worn antiques.


Extra Timeworn

A more aggressive, random appearance of rasped corners and edges, worm holes, mars, splits, gouges, small dings and dents for a true authentic look.

Work with an online designer from the comfort of your home.

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