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Design Your Room


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Designing a new kitchen involves more than selecting cabinets and countertops. How the kitchen fits and functions within the home and the impacts of technology and sustainability options are as integral to a successful design as selecting the perfect color palette. To jump-start your thinking regarding the options, we’ve gathered information on the latest trends.

Designing a layout for flow and function

For many families, the kitchen is the hub of the home, so it is important to acknowledge how the space impacts adjacent rooms and traffic flow. New design features help to customize your space, including the ability to accommodate varying levels of mobility. Technology also comes to the kitchen, bringing energy saving strategies with it.

What's hot in today's kitchen?

Many new kitchens feature a streamlined look, with large window expanses with fewer wall cabinets.

  • Open shelving is popular for those who want items within reach and can keep it neat
  • Professional-style appliances such as free-standing stainless steel gas ranges, the trend for years, are being challenged by sleek induction cook tops paired with double wall ovens
  • Under-the-counter options are increasingly prominent, with drawers that double as refrigerators, wine storage and even a pullout microwave
  • For faucets, the convenience of a pullout model is a desired feature, as are pot fillers
  • French door and bottom freezer drawer refrigerator models continue to dominate the market
  • With healthy living being a strong trend, more kitchens are featuring steam ovens, induction cooking and warming drawers to keep nutritious dinners ready for active family members


Soft Modern Design

Soft Modern has a growing appeal as many homeowners who still strive for clean lines and minimal clutter in their interior design, but also have a growing fondness for the importance of a comfortable space that affords them simple pleasures for promoting relaxation. Light and bright, with open views, are still critical for creating that streamline sense of uninterrupted space but materials and shapes have a softer edge to them. Additionally, some warmth or personalization are introduced in the form of wood tone or pops of color.


Raw Organic Design

Raw Organic is a continuation on the evolution of rustic elements in home interiors. It is often described as having earthy or nature-based influences. Color tones are seasonal or landscape inspired. Textures also play a huge part in this trend and favor showcasing the natural beauty of wood through very dry, arid ash gray and bleached blonde colors. There are many ways to dress this kitchen design style, but the inclusion of biophilic design elements tends to be a focal point. That can be achieved through large landscape windows that bring the exterior environment inside, or it could be the effortless inclusion of naturally toned wood stains on a cabinet that enhances the true beauty of real wood.


Flex Spaces

As more people are now working from home, it is important as ever to have space where work or homework can be completed. While some people have dedicated office space in their homes, many people are turning to flex spaces. Flex spaces, also known as satellite locations, are areas within a space that are multi-functional to fit the needs of you and/or your family. This could be a kitchen that includes a desk area or large island, which lends itself well as an office space during the day and a buffet table or homework area in the evenings. Or, it could be a multi-functional room incorporating laundry and office to maximize space.


Going green and integrating technology

Energy Star rated appliances are key - compare the operational cost savings that these appliances offer to traditional models for a true picture of how going green can save you money. Today’s smart home features Wi-Fi enabled appliances that relay maintenance information to both the home owner and the manufacturer and green technologies throughout the home design including low-E windows, dual flush toilets and low-flow faucets.

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